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March, 2014 |

RV Lot Address:  37860 Adams St., Palm Desert CA 92211

We have space rentals from 3 months or 1 year with the latter being the most popular as there is a price reduction for the year. The lot is surrounded by a very sensitive alarm system and is patrolled by our 24- hour Sun City Security Force.

For more information or reserve a space, please contact 760-200-2150 or send us an eMail


R/V Lot Rules and Regulations     

Our lot is accessible to registered RV owners 24 HOURS A DAY. Our rules are typical for facilities of this type of lot making safer and clean for all.

  • The use of this lot is restricted to storage only.  Maintenance, washing or similar activities are prohibited.
  • The lot is intended to be used for RV and trailer storage only.  Contractors/vendors that conduct work in the Sun City Palm Desert Community Association will not be permitted to rent a space.
  • Trash disposal is not allowed on-site.  It is your responsibility to keep your space clean and clear of all debris.  The dumping of hazardous materials on-site (oil, fuel, etc) is prohibited.
  • The tongue of your trailer or stilts of your camper must be placed upon a block of wood to protect the parking surface from damage.  If damage is done to the parking surface as a result of your failure to comply with this rule, then you will be responsible for the repair costs.
  • A transponder must be purchased for non-homeowners for a fee of $50.  $25 will be refunded when it is turned in.  The transponder is for 24 access to the RV lot only.
  • The rate for the rental space shall be paid regardless of the size of your vehicle.
  • Sun City Palm Desert Community Association residents shall have first Priority on a waiting list.


Space Size     3 Month Contract       6 Month Contract        12 Month Contract

12 x 46                  $330.00                      $595.00                             $825.00


12 x 40                  $300.00                      $540.00                             $750.00


12 x 36                  $270.00                      $485.00                             $675.00


12 x 30                  $255.00                      $430.00                             $600.00


20 > and under    $225.00                       $380.00                             $525.00



SPACE SIZE      3 Month Contract      6 Month Contract    12 Month Contract


12 x 46                     $375.00                       $660.00                      $1100.00


12 x 40                    $345.00                       $600.00                      $1000.00


12 x 36                     $315.00                       $540.00                      $900.00


12 x 30                     $285.00                       $480.00                      $800.00


12 x 20 and Under $255.00                       $420.00                      $700.00


RV Storage Application and License Agreement Forms:

pdf downloadResidents 

pdf downloadNon-Residents


These prices are effective as of: APRIL 1 2011

The rate schedule is based upon the length of the contract, the size of the space, and pre-payment of contract at the time of execution.  Prices are subject to change.

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