Sun City Palm Desert's Activity Portal

In the spirit of keeping our residents active and engaged while they are staying home, we have put together a variety of resources to a wide range of engaging virtual experiences they can do from the comfort of their own home. Use some fitness videos to help them stay in shape, download an eBook for free to read on their computer or tablet, or explore a museum, zoo or national park and much more.

We’ve put together a collection of fitness videos, great virtual tours of all our U.S. National Parks including 360° view tours of five of our National Parks, live cam feeds from around the world at aquariums, zoos and natural habitats where they can watch the action as it actually happens, and assembled a stunning collection of virtual museum tours where they can explore a 360° view as well as pan up and down to explore these exciting museum collections. Some museum tours and travel videos are in Virtual Reality (VR).

In many museums they can move yourself from room to room and to different places within the room. There is also a page where they can choose from a wide variety of games, puzzles, brain teasers and more. They can test their Trivia recall or select the page “Watch Some Travel Videos” and see places around the world or attend a lecture. Finally, we've given them links to be able to listen to an enormous variety of music genres and selections that should help them enjoy their day.

Please note our Activity Portal was developed and is maintained as an amenity for our residents, so if you are going to access any of these Activity Portal pages you must log in with your resident credentials. Clicking on the black "Activity" icon on the Member Central page of our website is the best way to access the Activity Portal.

If you are going to be using any of these sites from a cellular connected device like a smartphone or some tablets, be aware that using these sites will use data. So, unless you have unlimited data it is best to use these sites from a device that is connected via WiFi not cellular.

So now residents can just choose an activity below that you want to start with, click on it, and let your digital adventure begin…

One Day University - Short Lecture Clips are Free and SCPD Residents get a 50% discount on membership

GetSetUp - Live Interactive Classes for Adults with Hundreds to Choose From

Modernist Residential Architecture

Virtual Performances & Festivals

SCPD Gingerbread Houses

Borrow an eBook to read for FREE on your computer or Tablet

Listen to lectures or attend college level classes 

Explore these Museums

Explore US Battlefields & Different Types of Museums

Take a virtual visit to a National park - Now Includes Every U.S. National Park 

Watch some Broadway style plays

Watch Some Travel Videos 

Check out these Fitness videos

Spanish - Learn, Refresh Your Skills or Practice Words & Phrases 

Listen to Music in The Genre of Your Choice

Choose from a wide variety of games, puzzles, brain teasers and more

Test your Trivia knowledge

Sneak a peak at what these animals and fish are doing in their home right now

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